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Ricketts: Nebraska is Seeing Growth as a State

BASSETT – Developing, cutting the red tape, controlling spending, and promoting the state are the four major keys to the growth of Nebraska according to Gov. Pete Ricketts. Bassett held a town hall meeting with Ricketts Thursday morning where he updated the citizens on the state’s economic growth, which he says will include a $1.1 billion boost from the poultry processing plant that’s going up in Fremont. “Costco is building their first poultry processing plant in Nebraska, a $300 million investment by Fremont, it is going to create about 800 jobs, and the opportunities for about 125 farmers to put up poultry farms so they can diversify the revenue stream, build equity, and bring young people back into the business.” Governor Ricketts is also focusing on the expansion of trade in the state. “I will be leading a trade mission to Mexico later this summer, and we will this fall be hosting the 50th anniversary of the US Midwest Japan Association Conference, where 200 to 300 Japanese bu

Source: US 92

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